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Another great month at ! If you had susbcribed in september and risk only 1% on each trade, you could have won more than 14%.

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    More than 20 pairs are constantly monitored by our team, from the major to exotics one.
    More pairs means more opportunites to get strong and reliable signals!


    Oil, gold and others commodities will have no secret for you. Our strategy works very well with CFDs and Futures commodities. Be aware that we even trade on farm and exotic materials.


    In everybodies' mind, indices and stocks represent the traditional way to invest as a safe and secure operation.
    We are proud to offer you our beat-the-market strategy on indices.

Trend Momentum System

Trend Momentum System

Our team of experienced trader use a long runner system that proved its efficiency over the course of time.

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Pips every months

Pips every months

Altough we are delivering consecutive months of successfull trades over 500 pips, we are confident enough to offer our service in case we encounters drawback momentarely.

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What are trading signals?

A signal is a suggestion for entering a trade on a currency pair/commodities/indices, usually at a specific price and time.
Along with the entry, you'll find at Alpha Signals also Stop Loss and Take Profit level.

What does a signal look like?

Signals will be provided by e-mail close to this form. For example :

ENTRY : 1.1412
SL : 1.1356
TP : 1.1685

That means to open a BUY position (or LONG position depending on your broker) around Entry prices and to set TP and SL accordingly.
After that, you're all set!

Do I have to stay ready whenever you send a signal?

No, because signals are send everyday around the same time (22.00 GMT).
However as a trader, you should be aware that market conditions can evolve quickly and you should be able to modify your open position, whenever you are.

Do I have to trade every signal or just those I want to?

It depends on how you intend to use our signals. Either you want to be in auto-pilot mode and take every signal as they are sent or you want to learn and improve with the help of our eduction. In that case, and only in that case should you start to pick which trade to take. 

Are all of your signals positive?

To be 100% transparent is our goal. We record every one of our trade here. You can check complete history in terms of why, when and what happens in the past. We will never claim 80 or 90% win-rate, as this is not feasable on the long run and, especially, is not needed to be profitable consistently.

How can I trade your signals? Do I have to get a specific broker?

No, we are not affiliated with any specific broker.
What you need to get started in Trading is a trustworthy CFD broker. Search the web to make your own opinion and choose the one who suit the best with you.