Keeping trading as simple and efficient as possible is our motto.

What we deliver :

  • Beetween 20 to 30 trades per month
  • Win rate around 50%
  • 2-to-5% monthly growth for your account
  • Average of 500 pips per month

What we avoid :

  • Overtrading
  • Monitoring our trade all day long
  • Taking low risks-rewards trades
  • Promising billionaire rewards in short term


20 to 30 trades per month

Our Trend Momentum System let us identify where is the trend and when it shall continue to move on. While monitoring more than 20 assets, we always have action somewhere. However we only focus on the best opportunity respecting our set of criterias.

This is what we mean by free trade!


Win rate around 50%

Losing trade is the most difficult part of trading and that's where our methodology shines the most. Our system is designed to find the best Risk/Rewards trade in order to handle loss with ease. 
You don't have to fear loosing 3 trades in row when a single winning trade is rewarding you all your loss and much more!


When the key level for TPs are crucial !

500 pips/5% growth per month 

Depending on your experience and target as a trader, we advise two ways to use our signal. Each of our trade have at least several Take Profit level that enable stress-free trading. Since we strated monitoring all of our trades, we did achieve these results constantly. Check out for youself!

Once you're part of our team, you will receive a special e-book "How to survive in the trading world".

With this e-book, our signal, and a rigourous discipline, you will achieve benefits very quickly.